Sunflowers for Ukraine

“Wherever the sun goes,

the sunflower will follow.

Through all of the pain.

And all of the sorrow.”

— Londrelle

one by one they rose

massing energy and might

solidarity power

*   *   *

An Invitation ~ The national flower of Ukraine, the Sunflower is a symbol of worldwide support and solidarity with the beleaguered nation. This watercolor painting, Sunflower Sentinel, presents the colors of the Ukrainian flag in a striking image of the bright yellow flower standing tall against the clear blue sky. Click here to visit my LifeSweetSpots shop to see colorful Sunflower Sentinel items, from mugs to baseball caps and more. All proceeds from the purchase of any of these Sunflower products will be donated in sunflower solidarity with the people of Ukraine to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Haiku poem and watercolor painting by Mary O’Connor © 2022

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