“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” —J.M. Barrie   When the swallow sings A wonderful thing Spring chance Graceful tapered wings Aerial flight, feathered king Sky dance A wonderful thing When the swallow sings Romance *   * … More Swallows

Ice Storm

All night, owls hid and wolves trembled while the wind howled and hurled its icy breath over the world until the pale sun cast its cold still light over white laced hills, and the day shimmered, brighter than in summer.   *   *   * “Ice Storm” (Reprinted from Dreams of a Wingless Child, … More Ice Storm


beneath city’s feet cavernous niches of life light just a little   *   *   * Underground life — “beneath city’s feet” Haiku poem by Mary O’Connor; photo of iguana on RR trestle by Mary O’Connor; © 2018


You know how jellies are. Those gummy boneless bodies without any eyes, not even a brain, carried along with the tide, who knows why or if they have a purpose.   Think what it must be like. How might they know where they are when they barely distinguish light, or that it’s night or that … More Jellies

To hum

The hummer is a precious gift.   Lighter than an ounce with feathers, gowned in glittering and iridescent robe, rubies red at its neck, it hovers and hums through life.   Some call them sacred as they pause above fragrant altars of time, sipping the essence of life through the straw of their long beaks, … More To hum