“But just think how it would be

if everyone else

looked at things as you do –

what would the world be like?”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

watching together

sun sets on same horizon

reflections vary

Mousepad with watercolor painting of sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, speaks to the extent to which the stately sunflower has become a worldwide symbol of support and solidarity with the people of this struggling nation. To see the many popular product choices, all featuring the iconic sunflower image, click here. All proceeds from the purchase of any of these items, from mugs to mousepads to t-shirts and more, will be donated to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund of

 *   *   *

Dual Perspective photo of two Brown Pelicans by Jan Logozzo • “Perspective” haiku poem and watercolor sunflower image on Ukraine Relief items by Mary O’Connor   © 2022

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