About Mary


Mary O’Connor lives on the Connecticut shore, source of joy and inspiration for her work. A writer and artist, she soaks up surrounding sights and tranquil moments and seeks to share their enjoyment here on this blog.

As Mary writes in her book, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, the search for joy is a boundless adventure. Its journey takes us to the hiding spots of joy — the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls. Each has its own addictive force, evident perhaps in the words with which she describes herself: writer, painter, poet, photographer, lover of nature, curious explorer, and traveler who looks beyond life’s edges to see and appreciate all that shapes our being.

Her poetry, read in nature and inspirational journals and honored in national competition, is published in a book of inspirational verse, Dreams of a Wingless Child. Here, too, Mary considers ordinary happenings in ways that reflect on nature and life, writing with the clarity of observation reflected in her work.

Consistent with her philosophy that the discovery of joy is a never-ending process, Mary captures images that she sees and enjoys through painting and photography. Using watercolor and acrylics, she transcribes her memories and their images into tangible expressions that bring her and others joy. Visit the Gallery for some of her paintings and photos, or click here to see photos taken on her wildlife safari in Tanzania, Africa.

Recipient of a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY, Mary infuses a sensitivity to human nature and the world’s social and political challenges into both her life and her writing. A popular public speaker and workshop facilitator, Mary has taught poetry writing to inmates at the Connecticut state prison for women, has served as a docent at an American Impressionist Art museum and as a volunteer in the community arena.

It is, however, her eye for the joy she captures in the world around us that best defines her work. It is what makes her art and words sing. She invites you to further explore this site for a small taste of some of these things.

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