Using an artist’s eye, Mary is always on the hunt for those things and places that make her feel good, to love, to smile. Then, turning to the spontaneity and transparency of watercolors, she captures their spirit and essence in painted renderings. Following the philosophy of “paint what you love,” Mary’s gallery tends to be filled with images pocketed from nature, whether of an osprey on its nest in the river near her home, or a majestic lion photographed while on safari in Africa.

Favorites of her work are her pet portraits, a practice that began with an heirloom portrayal of Lucy, a friend’s beloved cat, and that has continued with a stream of pet personalities. Working from reference photos, along with the owner’s insights into their furry friend’s unique traits, Mary creates a unique and meaningful pet portrait.

Both painting and protection of animals are passions of Mary’s. Combining the two loves, she offers to paint a favorite furry or feathered friend with only the simple request that a donation be made to the charity of your choice.

Click here if you would like to have a portrait painted of your pet, be it a bird, cat, dog or other animal companion. All portraits are painted in watercolors, working from provided photos, in your choice of size. Finished artwork is matted, ready for framing, and shipped at no cost within the United States. (A nominal charge is added for shipping outside of the USA).