Good Night!

“Every night,

under the same sky and stars,

probably since the emergence

of humankind, people

around the world

have been wishing one another

a good night.”

— Efrat Shoham

reflections of past

cast in light of tomorrow

coming year’s promise

*   *   *

Tomorrow’s Promise ~ Heron reflects on day gone by • Photo and “Good Night!” haiku by Mary O’Connor

© 2020

8 thoughts on “Good Night!

  1. For me it is very reassuring, that so many people before me and so many people after me, wished each other and will wish each other a good night under the same sky and under the same stars that I see now! These stars and this sky is my connection to my family members, that are gone since a long time and I hope that one day my children will look up into the sky and see sky and stars as a connection to me!

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