Pieces of Las Vegas

for all Route 91 Harvest Festival victims


they were holding hands

they were dancing

they were singing


when the shots rang out


Get down!


Oh, God!


it happened so fast

all within seconds


I can’t feel my legs

I never left her side


I love you, Laurie.

I love you, Jack.

I will see you in heaven


the most amazing wife,

mother and person

this world has ever had


decided to stay for the final show


one who gives, gives, gives

made sure the time spent here

was valuable


out there with his friends,

shot down like a dog


amazing times together

and nearly unbearable heartaches



would have been her first day as manager

at this point, I can barely breathe


not a bad bone in her body

leaving a very big hole for us,

and in many hearts


Somewhere in the crowd

when the shooting started

he covered her body with his,

she died in his arms


she was a beautiful soul


even as gunfire was still raining down

it would be hours before they learned

he hadn’t survived


gunfire seemed never-ending

saw the life go out of him


one moment he was holding her

and they were singing along


then the shots began

heard sounds she couldn’t identify


moved her to a hiding place beneath a table

carried to a vehicle in a wheelbarrow


my son, my son is still there


can still hear the gunshots,

the sound they make when they hit people


he died Tuesday in a hospital


sadness, shock and grief


it was supposed to be the happiest time


at this time,

my family and I

would like some privacy

to take the necessary steps

to grieve


it’s with heavy heart and deep sorrow. . .


please pray for our family!


*   *   *

Peonies  Photo and poem, Pieces of Las Vegas, by Mary O’Connor © 2017


5 thoughts on “Pieces of Las Vegas

  1. This is so beautiful Mary, I cannot find the words to describe it.
    Your compassion and sensitivity for people shines through brightly.


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