Holiday Decorations

“The perfect

Christmas tree?

All Christmas trees

are perfect!”

— Charles N. Barnard

strings of colored lights

odds and whatever you have

best decorations

*   *   *

Lobster Pot Tree ~ What else would the Borough of Stonington, Conn., do with all its lobster pots than build a Christmas tree on the town dock? Some 330 pots, custom painted buoys and strings of colored lights all add up to a 25’ tall tree with an anchor topper. • “Holiday Decorations” haiku poem and photos of tree, buoys and an inside construction perspective by Mary O’Connor

© 2021


Something for under the tree!

“Passing Shadows” ~ New gift book by Mary O’Connor. Filled with surprising three-line haiku poems, illustrated with full-color photos and watercolor paintings. Available at the Florence Griswold Museum gift shop and other local retail shops, as well as on

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