Flock of Sheep

“We’re a nation of sheep.

If you go out and look up

at the sky, people around you

will start looking up at the sky.”

— Alan Abel

“One of the saddest facts of the human condition is that most people follow the herd. Sometimes, of course, the herd is morally right. That, obviously, is the ideal. But most good is achieved by individuals who have the courage to part from the majority when it is morally wrong.” — Dennis Prager

*   *   *

Recognizing sheep and other animals as inhabitants of nature that we forget about in the city, French artist Adjie returns them to places where we no longer expect to see them. This little herd of childlike sheep took up residence this past fall in Annecy, France. — Photo by Jan Logozzo

© 2019



3 thoughts on “Flock of Sheep

  1. LOVE this!!! I’ve seen people in a park so busy talking they don’t even see the glowing colors around them. I just look at them and say to myself, “How could you NOT see this wonder?” I don’t follow. I aim to live by example. I recommend it to everyone! (smile)

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