“Behaving like a princess is work. It’s not just about looking beautiful or wearing a crown. It’s more about how you are inside.” — Julie Andrews

Cleo was a princess, a tiny Lhasa Apso with a personality more like that of a queen, hence her nickname of Cleopatra. Though she hated water, she loved to go for car and boat rides, becoming excited as soon as she saw her life preserver. Her diminutive size not a factor, she would chase the bigger dogs around the yard to show them just who was boss. Cleo especially enjoyed going for neighborhood walks, always knowing where she was, even in the last year or so of her 15 years of life, when she was completely blind.

*   *   *

Cleo, fondly missed friend of Flo and Bill Mahoney — Watercolor painting by Mary O’Connor © 2018

For more of Mary’s pet portraits, click here.

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