My mom used to call us ‘free range kids,’ like free range chickens… We roamed the countryside. ― William Moseley


“Another practice I love is wandering. … It’s like walking meditation. I do find the time of going within to be replenishing, whether it’s for a half hour in the morning or evening, or a day long retreat. It’s that getting to know yourself, getting to be still, not having to do anything other than be with yourself. I learned how much fun I had when I was by myself, just being out in nature. Observing and listening and singing and praying all contributed to my sense of joy.” ― Judy Young, Ph.D.

* * *

Judy Young, Ph.D., text excerpted from “Bring the Sky down to Earth,” in Life Is Full of Sweet Spots―An Exploration of Joy, by Mary O’Connor, Abbott Press © 2013.

Photo credit: Mary O’Connor © 2014

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