Observe her powers of purpose, intuition and grace


Readers of Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro may see the leopard as portraying grace, strength, courage and dignity, as an animal that pounces with purpose, lightening speed and accuracy.


Capturing this archetypal hunter’s beauty through the lens of a camera is a quest in its own right. Known to hunt during the dark edges of the night, she (it is the female that does the hunting) applies both prowess and speed to capture her prey before dragging it high into a tree to keep it safe from other predators. There, most often, she may be found lounging by day, keeping a watchful eye on  the world below—and on you—tail swaying almost flirtatiously.


Symbolically, she is cited as having clarity of observation, powers of invisibility and instinct.  Her message is one of pay close attention to the world within and around you, listen to your heart and intuition, combine the purpose of action with both accuracy and dignity.


Be inspired by her beauty and sensuality and grace.


Leopards on Serengeti, Tanzania. Photos by Mary O’Connor © 2010.

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