Open Book

“Life consists of two sides…

 light and dark, joy and sorrow.

Without a balance,

one cannot fully experience

a full and well-rounded life.”

— JoAnn Ross

still-life of readings

accounts of joy and sorrow

well-thumbed pages

*   *   *

Still Life with Open Bible ~ In this 1885 painting, said to symbolize the different views of the artist and his father, Vincent Van Gogh paints a heavy and huge bible, open to Isaiah, 53, with its “man of sorrows and grief” passage. The other book is lighter and well-thumbed, Emile Zola’s Joie de Vivre • “Open Book” haiku poem and photo of projected image of “Open Bible” painting shown in the Immersive Van Gogh traveling Exhibition, by Mary O’Connor

© 2022

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