“There is such a special sweetness

 in being able to participate

 in creation.”

– Pamela S. Nadav

enchantment of love

anticipation of birth

unfolding of hope

*   *   *

Joint Effort ~ Male Mourning Dove carries twigs to female, who weaves them into a nest before laying two white eggs. They then take turns nest sitting until the eggs hatch, two weeks later. • Photos by Jan Logozzo • “Childbirth” haiku poem by Mary O’Connor

© 2022

Benefit recovering U.S. veterans  

Turn the pages of  “Passing Shadows” and enjoy moments of peace and calm while helping U.S. veterans transition home from their wartime experiences. All proceeds from sales of this new joy-centered book will be donated to the non-profit Warrior Expeditions organization in support of its outdoor therapy program. Available at the Florence Griswold Museum and on

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