Party Time!

“Everyone is dancing!”

— Al Bailey

129 penguins

line the road

to neighborhood party

all are invited

the Muppets host—

Kermit the Frog

assumes Travolta

disco role

Fozzie Bear

Miss Piggy

the Swedish Chef—

they’ll all be there

dancing and partying

under the lights

til the night is late

and holiday

joy is spent

*   *   *

Al Bailey designs and creates larger than life Christmas displays, an annual tradition that draws admirers from throughout Portsmouth, NH and afar. Part of the charm, beyond the draw of the beloved characters Al incorporates, is the way the neighborhood is involved, helping to paint and set up the display, which has spilled beyond Al’s own yard to become a true community event. This year finds the Muppets hosting a Portsmouth Penguin Party with a “Let’s Dance!” theme.

Photos by Terri Englert © 2021 • Let’s Dance poem by Mary O’Connor


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