“An intelligent person

should never resolve a dispute

with brute force.”

— Gersh Budker

The American flamingo, with its long graceful neck and statuary stance, is distinguished by its deep pink coloration, largely due to its diet of beta-Carotene rich substances.

Its black tipped beak, leading towards white coloration, is slightly scooped to aid in deep feeding.

Flamingos can be extremely territorial when choosing an area to feed, often engaging in “bill fencing”, where the flamingos will bash beaks together until one or the other becomes too tired to continue, and leaves.

*   *   *

American Flamingos — Photos at Flamingo Gardens, Davie, Fla., by Mary O’Connor, video by Jan Logozzo

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2 thoughts on “Dispute

  1. Flamingos were always one of my mother-in-law’s favorite creatures. While she has been gone for awhile, I smiled at your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them Mary.


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