Imagination let loose

“Imagination is the power of the mind

over the possibilities of things.”

— William Stevens

Typically known for her faux and decorative paintings, Old Lyme (Conn.) and Nantucket (Mass.) artist, Robin Breeding, pays tribute to Surrealism art in this 2018 holiday tree at the Florence Griswold Museum. Miniature handsewn mixed media ornaments represent key images found in paintings by female artists studying at Yale University during the height of the Surrealism era.

Begun in Paris by a group of artists using dream imagery and symbols to channel the unconscious as a means of unlocking the imagination, the Surrealism movement began in the early 1920s, continuing through WWII. The Griswold Museum’s Magic of Christmas celebration continues through January 6.

*   *   *

Photos by Mary O’Connor

© 2018

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