O Tannenbaum

“Some Christmas tree ornaments

do more than glitter and glow,

they represent a gift of love

given a long time ago.”

— Tom Baker  

With a nod to the legendary German Christmas folk song, O Tannenbaum, and drawing on his German roots, American artist Ralf Feyl created a thoroughly German Christmas tree for the Florence Griswold Museum’s “Magic of Christmas” celebration.

Lore has it that the first Christmas tree was set up in 1419 in Freiburg, Germany, by the town bakers, who decorated the tree with fruits, nuts, and baked goods, which the children were allowed to remove and eat on New Year’s Day. Feyl’s tree replaces the fruit and nuts with exquisitely created wood ornaments and candles, all hand carved by his father.

The result, on exhibit at the Old Lyme, Conn. museum through January 6, is truly in line with the O Tannenbaum lyrics, “O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you give us so much pleasure.”


*   *   *

A truly German Christmas tree, created by American artist, Ralf Feyl Photos by Mary O’Connor

© 2018

12 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum

  1. Happy holiday. Safe travels Have a warm winter. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring. Thanks for all the joyous sweet spots. Xoxo. Ann and Jim


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