IMG_0897 (2)

I blame the rain.

Generally, rain

soothes, restores,

nurtures. But not

when stuck

in the hand

of El Nino, simply sitting,

draped in the grayness

of clouds, laughing heavy

tears as if the light

of the sun was confined

to the pages of nursery

rhymes, as if blue

skies belonged

only to painters, as if

Noah was preparing

his second ark.

Rain—too much, too long,

too cold, too dreary.

It gives me the blahs.

Makes me tired

of being nice.

*   *   *

Grumpy, photo and poem by Mary O’Connor © 2016

16 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. So timely!
    Who among us has not experienced moments such as this?
    The good news is that……”Life Is ‘still’ Full Of Sweet Spots!”
    Thanks so much, Mary!


  2. I wish we had rain – plenty of it. No measurable precipitation in all of January and up to now in February. If it wasn’t for the bight sunshine outside I’d be looking as grumpy as that doggie, too. 😉
    Have a great time, and don’t get washed away,


      1. Well, I keep thinking why drought and rain are so unevenly distributed. But then, we’ll have to take whatever we get, don’t we? Glad you had some sunshine.


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