Night Game

FL - OL 2011 084

Silent predators of the night world, Barn Owls roost in hidden, quiet places during the day, hunting by night in open fields and meadows.


It’s after midnight

and the moon

is in the sky. Listen

to the wind, or is it

the great owl’s cry?

Silent is his shadow

as he sets his sight

on those found dreaming

and swoops from perch

on high. Watch, little rabbit,

heed this warning. Burrow

deep and sleep tight

until the sky grows light

and the long cold night

is morning.

*  *  *

Night Owl by Day, photo by Mary O’Connor © 2016

Poem “Night Game” reprinted from Dreams of a Wingless Child by Mary O’Connor, Wheatmark, Tuscon, AZ, © 2007

3 thoughts on “Night Game

  1. I love owls, the picture is beautiful. I have a screech owl I named Oliver and put an owl house for him. He’s there every day and leave his house at dusk. I watch faithfully and wish him a good night!


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