Name this Flower


Can anyone name this delightful flower I saw in a field by the Connecticut River this weekend? Based on its shape and variegated color, my imagination saw it as an Indian Paintbrush. Curiously though, the images of my wildflower ID resources didn’t match when I later checked it out. Perhaps someone can tell me what it is? Maybe some kind of clover?

In the meantime, its image did serve to reawaken my artist’s itch, to remind me that my paints and brushes are waiting. I’ll see if I can paint something as lovely as this nameless (for now) beauty!

– Unnamed Wildflowers photo by Mary O’Connor © 2013

10 thoughts on “Name this Flower

  1. HI Mary,

    Pretty little flower! It is definitely not Indian Paintbrush. It’s leaves certainly look like clover leaves and it’s flower is a beautiful strawberry shape. So I’m naming it strawberry clover!! No, you won’t find it in any book-don’t bother looking-totally made it up.



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