Just be here, here and now.


Brigitte Brüggemann is an artist who creates joy through color and light. Her work is inspired by nature and her connection to a spiritual reality manifested through nature and life. If she has any recipe for capturing it, it is simply to be present. Just be here, here and now.

“I think the first thing is to create that space for the feeling of being at peace. Just look at that tree waving at you, or the flower, or whatever is right in front of you.” Brigitte’s words, which appear in my new book, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, ring true with so many who read them.

Margot Larson, author of Living with Cancer – A Journey of Hope, read these words and found herself clarifying her priorities and enjoying just ‘being’—”listening more to the sounds around me, acknowledging the beauty, and becoming more aware of my surroundings and the things that bring me joy.”

“Being present, I think,” says Brigitte, “is the biggest bringer of joy.”

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