Good Fortune

“It is by giving and sharing

that one generates prosperity karma

and ‘inherits the kingdom.’

This is one of the secrets

of having good fortune and wealth.”

— Master Choa Kok Sui

Lady Kallista Anais and Dame Shelley Melba are Tibetan Terriers who live up to their names and their heritage. Kallista means beautiful and is also the name of the beautiful part of Australia in which Kalli lives. Shelley, given her frequent inclination to sing, was named for the Australian operatic soprano, Dame Nellie Melba.

But it is the Tibetan monk belief that good fortune will be returned if Tibetan Terriers are given as a gift that is exemplified in these two fur children. When Kalli was depressed following the loss of her former companion, Shelley’s breeder would not accept any money for Shelley in line with the Tibetan monks’ creed. Karen and Mark gave her a pearl pendant, which she wears whenever showing her dogs—which, charmed as they are, always win!

*   *   *

Tibetan Wonders ~ Lady Kallista Anais (left) and Dame Shelley Melba • Watercolor pet portrait by Mary O’Connor

© 2020


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