Pure Charm

“There is a way that nature speaks,

that land speaks.

Most of the time

we are simply not patient enough,

quiet enough,

to pay attention to the story.”

— Linda Hogan

Our alpine trip’s last three days brought us to the charming town of Annecy in southeastern France. Sometimes called the Venice of the Alps, it gets its name from the three canals and Thiou River that run through le Vielle Ville or Old Town. Our hotel looked out on the Vasse canal flanked with trees and lined with small boats.

The Pont des Amours, more popularly called Lovers Bridge, spans the Vasse Canal by Lac d’Annecy. According to legend, lovers who kiss while on the bridge will be together forever.

Said to be one of the finest markets in France, the Sunday Annecy market offers everything from fresh fruits, cheese, meats and vegetables to housewares and furniture in colorful stalls lining the old town’s streets and canals.

Cobblestone streets with their pastel-colored houses and outdoor cafes edge the town’s picturesque canals.

*   *   *

More Annecy photos to come in following posts.

Today’s photo credits:

Hotel Splendid and canal images 6, 7 by Jan Logozzo

Boats on Vasse canal, Pont des Amours bridge, Annecy market and Pont Morens Café (image 5) by Mary O’Connor

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