White Mountain

“Though we travel the world over

to find the beautiful,

we must carry it in us,

or we find it not.”

— Kahlil Gibran

“The contemplation of Mont Blanc’s unchanging summits for three or four days last month, the sight of that eternal snow, immaculate, sublime in its whiteness and calm, was enough to restore to my soul a serenity it had not known for a long time.” — George Sand  • View of Mont Blanc, meaning White Mountain, proved to be a most captivating sight. Each day we would take endless photos from our hotel’s vantage point, hoping to pull in the detail of its 15,777’ peak.

“Mont Blanc confronted us. Dazzling, immense, cut sharp out of the blue sky: More preposterous than the most baroque wedding cake. More convincing than the best photograph. It fairly took my breath away. It made me want to laugh.” — Christopher Isherwood  • The highest mountain in the Alps and Europe, its height varies depending on the mountain’s snow cap. 


“Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains; they crown’d him long ago on a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds. With a diadem of snow.” — Lord Byron • Ice of the Mer de Glace, the second longest glacier in the Alps, streams from the central ice dome to approximately 4,900’. 

*   *   *

Capturing the Peak — Photos by Mary O’Connor

© 2019


10 thoughts on “White Mountain

      1. The weather was not actually bad. With the fog and the low lying clouds we had really magical moments. Of course we’d have liked to see Denali. Maybe next time, as we want to go back. We missed too much due to Mary’s bum knee.


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