Space Journey

“Space is for everybody.

It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space.” — Christa McAuliffe

A stroll beneath the Apollo/Saturn V moon rocket at the NASA Kennedy Space Center lets visitors fully appreciate the size and complexity of the largest rocket ever flown through space. At 363 feet/111 meters long, it is 60 feet/18 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty. A total of 13 Saturn V rockets were launched between 1967 and 1972.

Originally built for assembly of Apollo/Saturn vehicles and later modified to support Space Shuttle operations, the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is one of the largest buildings in the world. Covering eight acres, its 456’ high bay doors take 45 minutes to completely open or close. It serves as the central hub of NASA’s multi-user spaceport, capable of hosting several different kinds of rockets and spacecraft at the same time.

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NASA Kennedy Space Center Photos by Mary O’Connor

© 2019


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