Best days

“I’ve always felt that distant train whistles heard in the dead of night are the universe’s way of letting us know the best days are neither ahead nor behind us…they’re happening right now, cradled in the palms of our hands.” — Dave Matthes

First class seats on the restored Jacobite Steam Train are enjoyed with tea and Scottish shortbread cookies. The only “air conditioning” comes from windows cracked open at the top, allowing warm breezes and bits of cinders to enter, as seen on the welcome message shown here.

After our two hour train journey from Fort William to Mallaig, we switched to a coach to wind our way to Inverness, past peaceful inlets and sheep and rams on the hillsides.

The medieval Urquhart Castle sits beside Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland and is one of the locations where Nessie, the famed Loch Ness Monster, is reported to have been spotted. We looked, but didn’t see her!


Scottish Highlands and home of Nessie, photos by Mary O’Connor; ram on hillside by Jan Logozzo © 2018


One thought on “Best days

  1. I love those old steam trains. And as to the whistles: I even love those of the diesel trains here in the US.
    Have a wonderful week,


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