“If you want to experience joy, stop, slow down, and begin to pay attention to what you taste and smell when you’re making breakfast, when you’re in a restaurant, when you’re having wine, when you’re outside and it’s the beginning of spring and you can smell the earth getting soft under your feet.

IMG_0427 - CopyPay attention to these things happening all around you. You’ll be amazed at what you discover.” — Michelle Krell Kydd

Traditional Hungarian meals blend eastern mystique with the traditions of the west. A favorite ingredient is paprika (sweet or hot), found in most markets and shops. Hungarian goulash (Gulyás), as well as the lighter Goulash Soup, are culinary favorites.

*   *   *

Quote by Michelle Krell Kydd excerpted from interview on flavor and fragrance in Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, An Exploration of Joy.

Photos by Mary O’Connor © 2016 (from ongoing series of Danube River cruise photos)

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