4 thoughts on “People don’t notice…

  1. Your photo almost makes me miss the New England winter! Really beautiful.

    Hope your time at the Cape was wonderful. Our gang arrives here for ten days midday.

    Love, Karen


  2. What a gorgeous picture! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday, perhaps in the snow.

    And Mary, I wanted to ask: Is there any way that your posts could be delivered on one page? I believe you’re using wordpress.org as your vehicle, so perhaps that’s a no; but every time I get something from you, I feel that frustration at having to decide whether or not to click your email open before I’ve seen the picture.

    I know it’s silly to begrudge those few seconds, but I’m guessing that this influences how many people see how much of your stuff.

    And feel free to give me a yell is you want to discuss this further.

    Warm holiday best wishes, Jezra


    1. Hi, Jezra. Thanks for your comments, and it’s interesting that you ask if I could deliver my posts on one page, as I, too, would prefer to do it that way. I am using wordpress.com and this seemed to be the only way announcement emails can go out through them. I wil check further, but if anyone knows whether it is possible, I would love to hear. Any tips would be appreciated!


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