Summer Moments

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Henry James defines “Summer afternoon … Summer afternoon”  as the “two most beautiful words in the English language.” That may be, but “Wildflowers and the sea” are a close second … if not first. 

Marsh mallows with loosestrife, photo by Mary O’Connor © 2013

2 thoughts on “Summer Moments

  1. Lovely image, thank you! Each aspect of nature has its own beauty, I especially love cool wooded paths, strewn with crisp autumn leaves. Do agree about the sea though, there’s something terribly awesome about it, maybe since we originated there and feel its affinity. I also always think of early humans drifting along seashores, living on seafood and collecting shells and driftwood, devising all sorts of uses for them. Sorry, rambling! Lovely post 🙂


    1. Thanks! Perhaps it has something to do, too, with where our roots are. I know I grew up with the sound of the the sea and the peace of mind that it inevitably brings. But I’m the first one to love the cool wooded paths that you mention, the big sky of the West, the undulating waves of wheat on the plains. There is enough beauty around for us all…


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