Treasured sculptures of the sea

Sun hat - Whiten

Sanibel Island, Florida, with its 17+ miles of beaches ripe with coquinas and sand dollars, is a favorite shelling beach. So, too, are is the sand of San Jose Island, Texas, with its olive shells and wentletraps, lightning whelks and sundials, and of Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado Island, California, littered with silvery oyster shells, cockles and Pacific Moon snail shells.

Although currently living far from the sea, Cheryl Whitten of Prospect Heights, Illinois, conjures up images of soft sea breezes and warm sandy beaches by creating miniature shellcraft “things of beauty.” Her Summer Breeze sun hat is decorated with colorful translucent flowers made of vintage dyed Fish Scales, each with a Swarovski crystal dewdrop in the center.  Pieces of Sea Fan become foliage, while fresh-water Pearls create miniature white flower buds dance atop Sea Whip stems. Cheryl finds that her affinity for the seashore is part of her soul.

Summer Breeze photo courtesy of Cheryl Whitten © 2007

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