Book Giveaway!


Trevor is a carrier of joy. Created from snippits of color, torn photos, paints and imagination, he is, in fact, a collage of wonder. He lives as a page in my book, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, illustrating the story told by his creator, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. It’s a story of how she finds joy in the simple act of doing what she loves to do…creating paper painting wonders!

As you can see from the announcement on her blog, Elizabeth has found another way to spread the story of joy by joining with me in a giveaway of two copies of my book. All you need to do is visit Elizabeth’s site and enter a comment as to how you go about finding and keeping joy in your life.

Elizabeth and I will select the two top winners, who will each receive an autographed copy of Life Is Full of Sweet Spots. As Elizabeth…and Trevor..says, “this is a feel good book full of ways to find joy and happiness in simple things.  We could all use a little bit more of that.”

2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!

    1. Me too! I love to hear some of the everyday ways that people find joy in their lives. Sometimes it’s even as simple as hanging the artwork of others on their walls to make them smile–such as whimsical collages like Trevor!


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