Enter Spring, with all its tiny Sweet Spots

7-23-12008Wednesday of this week marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20th to be exact. Its arrival coincides with the vernal equinox, a time when days and nights are approximately equal and the sun rises and sets due east and due west.

Distinguished by the birth and rebirth of flora and fauna, Spring is loved for its increasing light and warmth, for all its tiny new sweet spots.

Photo by Mary O’Connor, (c) 2013

6 thoughts on “Enter Spring, with all its tiny Sweet Spots

  1. Purchasing and anticipating holding Sweet Spots in my hands is a perfect way to usher in spring! Im thrilled its out and available! May I be obnoxious and request your signature when next we meet (this summer!) ? It will be dog eared by then!
    Congratulations on this day and Happy Sweet Spotty Spring!


    1. The start-of-spring timing of the book’s launch turned out to be perfect! And of course you can request an author’s signagture…I’ll be delighted! And a Happy Sweet Spotty Spring to you!


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