Romance the Wind


One of my favorite fascinations is to observe the earth’s flying things, whether butterflies or birds, or even kites, as they ride on currents of air high above the ground to which I am generally tethered. Seeing these winged beauties swoop and dive and glide, buck the winds, loiter in search of prey, simply cruise away the day, tends to awaken pangs of envy in me most every time.

Aviation pioneer Orville Wright once said that “the exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport.” That is one way of thinking of it. I, however, like to appreciate it as Ray Bethell does here in this beautiful and romantic kite ballet performed to Flower Duet from Lakme by Delibes.

Bethell, who is in his eighties and deaf, comes most every year to the Washington State International Kite Festival. Here, in this delightful YouTube posting, videographer Robert Holbrook captured Bethell’s magical performance.  It’s an inarguable case of “Romancing the Wind.” Turn up the volume and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Romance the Wind

  1. His control of those kites is AMAZING! Even to the way they land, just so. Makes me want to plan a trip around the Kite Festival.


    1. Short of planning a trip to Washington State for the festival there, us eastern U.S. folk might want to try the Newport, RI, Kite Festival. At a great site on Ocean Avenue’s Brenton Point State Park, it’s held annually on the 2nd weekend of July.


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