Welcome to the Life Is Full of Sweet Spots blog

The Canadian Cree singer-songwriter musician Buffy Sainte-Marie  tells us, “You have to sniff out joy. Keep your nose to the joy trail.”

That, in short, is the purpose of lifeisfullofsweetspots.com! With its postings of helpful tips and reflections, suggestions from fellow travelers of even the tiniest of steps one might take on the road to personal peace and contentment, it is designed to help you build an itinerary to the places where joy hangs out.

Written for explorers of the world of joy, it will ask for suggestions, respond to your questions or summarize the results of reader surveys taken from time to time. It will even let you know of real places to actually visit that are sure to bring a touch of joy.

I chose the title of this blog—and the book of the same name to be published very shortly—for three reasons. First, I know that joy is all around us. Life is absolutely full of opportunities for meaningful happiness; it is replete with places of joy, ways of realizing it.

Second, I wanted to reinforce that the discovery of joy is just that—an exploration, or as Buffy Sainte-Marie might say, a case of keeping your nose to the trail. And thirdly, I wanted you and your friends to smile when you heard the title, to be curious, intrigued.

So that’s it. Rather than providing a map or step-by-step approach to finding joy, lifeisfullofsweetspots.com is meant to simply inspire and suggest ways to find and learn about your own sweet spots of joy. It is meant to make you smile, to discover, to learn, to see things in fresh ways, to enjoy

Won’t you join me on the journey? And maybe even pass pass the word to a friend who might also like to come along. Thanks, and I’ll see you along the trail!

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Life Is Full of Sweet Spots blog

  1. All I can say it is about time someone had the courange and insight to write a book about joy and sweet spots. We need this book more than ever. We are indundated with stories of gloom and despair able trigger depression. Thank you Mary and I can’t wait to get a copy/.


    1. Thanks, Herb. That’s exactly what I’m hoping this book will do…reintroduce some of the everyday places of joy in a world that seems to be seeing too much in the way of sadness.


  2. Yippee! At last, an airy look at travel- internal and external! You speak my language so beautifully! Thank you for sharing yourself and your talent for putting words to natural beauty. Congrats and so look forward to purchasing copy in March!


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