“In one breath, I release all negative feelings and fearful thoughts, then fill up my lungs with wonder and awe and pure, unadulterated joy.” — Sara Baysinger graced with beauty nature’s handiwork transmits restorative awe *   *   * Healing Beauty ~ Goldfinch on Throne photo by Jan Logozzo • “Restorative” Haiku by Mary O’Connor © … More Restorative


America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.” — Warren G. Harding battered and frayed yearning for return of calm loss of normalcy *   *   * Weathered Pigeon ~ Photo and ‘Loss of Normalcy’ Haiku poem by Mary O’Connor © 2020

To hum

The hummer is a precious gift.   Lighter than an ounce with feathers, gowned in glittering and iridescent robe, rubies red at its neck, it hovers and hums through life.   Some call them sacred as they pause above fragrant altars of time, sipping the essence of life through the straw of their long beaks, … More To hum

Last thing at night…

Listen to the foghorn moan─ pushing its throaty alarm through the weight of night, stilling the pulse of the day, erasing all distinction. Perhaps the unknown of its tone comes straight from the gods themselves, murmuring their message in primal sound. Tonight, its voice grows louder, more enchanting than in past, diving to the depths of … More Last thing at night…

Falling with grace

There is an art, they say, to falling. Turn one’s face to the side. Stay loose, arms and legs bent, body relaxed. It is an art I am yet to master, falling more likely face first, catapulting headlong, fearing to miss one tiny step in this affair of love. For that’s what it is. Drawn … More Falling with grace

“Walking in the forest for me is like going to church.

It is my cathedral, and I haven’t been doing that enough lately…I need to connect again. Walking the forest floor is one of the most spiritual things I can imagine. Just thinking about it now makes me wonder why I haven’t been there in a couple years.” — Neil Young * * * Forest floor in … More “Walking in the forest for me is like going to church.