“Relax. Breathe in deep. Hold it. Let it out. Loosen your shoulders. Smile. Close your eyes. You’ll be surprised at how many voices you’ll hear, whispering sweet encouragement into your ear.” — Mike Dooley *   *   * Place of sweet relaxation, end of Smith’s Neck Rd., Old Lyme, Conn. — Photo by Margaret … More Encouragement

Light waves

“Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Mentally picture all tiredness, tension, and fatigue leaving you. Visualize that a wave of golden light is entering you at the top of your head and passing throughout your entire body.” — Frederick Lenz “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.” — Susan Polis … More Light waves

Stay cool

“Keep calm and pretend you are at the beach.” — author unknown Load your favorite inflatable beach buddy onto the back of a hot yellow Nash Metropolitan beach car, then “take a deep breath. Get present at the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.” — Greg McKeown *   *   * Photo by Jan … More Stay cool