That Is Enough

Just to look─ to look at the sea, to follow its comings and goings, is to see beyond memory, beyond life, before and after the beginning of death.   Just to think─ to think about the sea, to ponder its waves, is to find there is more, more than souls can account for, than every … More That Is Enough

Already Perfect

“We “go to wilderness to remove ourselves from the human saturation in our lives, not see mementos from other people’s lives.”  — Robyn Martin   Cairns, or carefully stacked stones, have been around for centuries, a practice with a purpose ranging from remembrance of the dead to spiritual offering to trail heads. Yet today’s modern day … More Already Perfect


“When despair for the world grows in me…I go and lie down where…the great heron feeds, I come into the peace of wild things….” Listen here to Wendell Berry read the complete The Peace of Wild Things as published in Wendell Berry, New Collected Poems © Counterpoint, 3/26/2013. *   *   * Great Blue Heron, watercolor painting … More Peace

Counting fish

It was a day when the ocean lay still, merging its salty wetness with the dank side of the sky and the air was thick with fish, so thick that you could see them—in full color, I might add—darting and turning through the edges of waves before losing their way in the deep. There were … More Counting fish


“If you want to experience joy, stop, slow down, and begin to pay attention to what you taste and smell when you’re making breakfast, when you’re in a restaurant, when you’re having wine, when you’re outside and it’s the beginning of spring and you can smell the earth getting soft under your feet. Pay attention … More Flavor

Last thing at night…

Listen to the foghorn moan─ pushing its throaty alarm through the weight of night, stilling the pulse of the day, erasing all distinction. Perhaps the unknown of its tone comes straight from the gods themselves, murmuring their message in primal sound. Tonight, its voice grows louder, more enchanting than in past, diving to the depths of … More Last thing at night…