Just What is a Sweet Spot?


Sweet spots are places that invigorate, lift our spirit, stimulate, enliven—special spots that delight and bring us pleasure. In my new book, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, we see them—yes, as special, but also as ordinary, everyday places just waiting to be had.

William Safire, the late New York Times political columnist and oracle of language, brought sweet spots into the present in 2007 when he observed that sweet spots represent a pleasant or favorable place, an area surrounded by or lying between less favorable conditions. He identified some of the more common of such places. The thickest part of a baseball bat is one, Treasure Island another.

A true sweet spot, in the eyes of Safire, is a place that is beyond lovely, more exhilarating than the happy medium. It is a place that allows one to hit the longest high drive possible.

But the world is large and its sweet spots of joy are many. As I see it, they are in the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls, rich with beauties and powers that feed our emotional well-being and satisfy our cravings for joy. What do you envision when you think of your sweet spots of life?

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