Sunrise Conquers the Darkness


Sunrise is my favorite time of day. It is, in truth, a fleeting time of day, a time when hope is dressed in the softer colors of an artist’s palette…roses, shades of lavender, powder blues, hues of gold on the verge of spilling radiance from behind the clouds. It represents light overtaking darkness.

The “Sunrise over Miami” photo posted here is an example of that fleeting nature. By the time the last frame was shot, the shadows were gone and the sky was transformed into brilliance.

Perhaps, that’s what I like about the sunrise. Yes, it is fleeting. We may miss it if we don’t wake early enough. It is, however, a universal and infinite happening that occurs even in the darkest parts of the world. Though the darkness might sometimes overwhelm us, it will never overwhelm the light.

And so sunrise becomes the starting point of this blog. Symbolic of the light that we all crave, celebrates those special places and happenings that lift our spirits, give us something to think about, dream about. Each is meant to explore and to make our own. Won’t you join me in the journey? What is your favorite time of day?


Photo: Sunrise over Miami by Mary O’Connor (c) 2013

12 thoughts on “Sunrise Conquers the Darkness

  1. Sunrise is my favourite time and I feel a little protective, cliquey and not a little bit snooty about it, because I know it takes a certain type of person to get up at that time when they don’t have to.


  2. Hi Mary, Love your posts-I have to agree with you, I love the sunrise because it holds the invigorating promise of a grand new day, new beginnings and a fresh start. There is something about those rosy, golden rays that has a mystical, magical quality that rejuvenates and gets me going..Thank you for sharing!


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