Travel Guide to Life's Sweet Spots takes readers to places of joy

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Sweet spots, those special places in life that delight and bring us personal joy, fill the pages of a new and curious travel guide, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots by Mary O'Connor of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Written for anyone wanting to take a closer look at some of life's most fruitful and well known hiding places of lasting happiness, the surprising guide explores the niches and nuances of the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls, and offers its readers new understanding of life and how its beauty and powers make us inwardly hum.

Author of Dreams of a Wingless Child, a collection of award winning reflections in verse on nature and life, O'Connor describes herself as a writer, painter, poet, lover of nature and its mystery, curious explorer and traveler. Now, in Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, she combines her own reflections and insights with the experiences and images of over 40 artists and individuals from 20 states, Canada and Australia, plus nuggets of insight, supportive research and notable quotes. In doing so, she takes the reader from places of gardening, stargazing or touching something wild, to learning and loving, listening to the sounds of silence, or just simply being, as means of feeding emotional wellness and cravings for joy.

"Joy," says O'Connor, "is around us everywhere—in places right here in our own backyard, in our hearts, in our souls. These are the true sweet spots of life. They make us feel good, cause us to blossom, to sing, to love, to smile. And smiles, after all, are the outward signature of joy."

Published by Abbott Press, Bloomington, IN, and offered in soft and hard cover as well as e-book formats, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots ends with a compendium of listings and Internet links to actual places, activities and resources to support ideas sparked by the book itself.