Writer, painter, poet, lover of nature and its mystery, curious explorer and traveler, Mary O'Connor looks beyond life's edges to see and appreciate the tiny threads and tones that shape our being. It is this practice—this belief that there are no boundaries to joy—that shapes her writing and journey through life.

As a journalist, marketer, public relations counselor by profession and advocate of the power of writing as an agent of change, Mary enjoys playing with words, making them sing and speak. This is exactly what she did in Dreams of a Wingless Child, a collection of her award winning poetry. Considering ordinary happenings with whimsy, playfulness and clarity of observation, she touches on subjects from the flight of a painted-winged butterfly to the presumed finality of stone and darkness and turns them into metaphors for the emotions and milestones of life.

But what she most enjoyed about the words of Dreams of a Wingless Child was the songs they sparked in those who read them—the stories shared by readers of how and where they found joy in their own lives and how joy filled their own minds and souls. They spoke of countless ways of experiencing joy, ways as varied as the circumstances in which we all live and the dreams that we all hold.

And so the idea for Life Is Full of Sweet Spots was born. Written as a fun and practical source of information and inspiration for finding and nurturing life's very best sources of joy—the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots is a most surprising travel guide for all who search for joy.